All of the suddeden "The OctoPrint server is currently not running"

I don't know what I've changed and I've uninstalled most plugins. This is happening on every boot but when I run "sudo service octoprint restart" it fixes the issue.

Pi: Pi4
Printer: Ender 3
FW: Latest Klipper

octoprint.log (9.2 KB)

Hmm... Anyone?

I'm afraid there aren't many Klipper experts here and there is nothing obvious in the log file you posted. I'm not exactly sure what the conditions are for OctoPrint to start a new version of its log file but I believe it renames the previous one before it starts a new one. If so, perhaps the details are in the previous version of the octoprint.log so if you would be so kind as to upload that one as well.

There's not a lot to go off, as noted there's no information in the logs. You are going to have to explain the problem a bit better, since there's a number of reasons it will go wrong.