Alternate hardware during Raspberry Pi unavailablity

Resurrecting this old thread: What hardware are you using now that Raspberry Pi isn't available?

I found this: Orange Pi Zero 2 board/kit for OctoPrint

Has anyone out there successfully set up OctoPrint on an Orange Pi of any sort ?

Any other SBC types with success stories ?

I checked on this:

What I found was Orange Pi Zero 2 All-in-One Kit for OctoPrint with a camera for $120 and Orange Pi Zero 2 Board (with USB Hub) for OctoPrint without a camera for $40 but marked Sold Out

I will share details as I find them.

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Anything that can run Armbian and is comparable to a Pi 3B+ performance wise should be fine with OctoPrint. You would just need to use the octoprint_install script linked on the downloads page for easy setup or manually do it. I have seen people succesfully use the Obico image to work on just an Orange Pi Zero 2 board directly without their kit. It's just a little more of a hassle to setup because you have to connect ethernet at first to configure wifi.

I had some beagle bone black boards around and have used that without issue. Just follow instructions on manual setup. They had ffmpeg package that works so did not have to compile it. Use a USB hub to connect printer and video.

Or use this installer script

This one would probably be more appropriate for initial install.


oh I wasn't aware of this script.

Yep use that one ^^

Some RPi boards are getting into the channel - this is the quickest way to find out who and where...