Orange Pi Zero 2 board/kit for OctoPrint

The Obico team has been working on a project to make Orange Pi Zero 2 or a similar SBC to run OctoPrint out of the box. Now we have figured out all technical challenges and opened up our first pre-order batch!

To reserve your spot in the first batch:

The order is expected to be delivered by 12/01/2022 if the deposit is paid before 10/28/2022.

All boards and kits will come with an easy-to-install OctoPrint image and support from the Obico team. Pre-orders are currently only available in the U.S. and Canada.


Raspberry Pi’s have been very hard to find, and the situation does not seem to be getting better. Aftermarket sellers have jacked up the prices to between 3-5x retail costs. Projects like have been helpful in tracking available Pi’s, but securing one at retail has still required a combination of extreme determination and a lot of luck.

OctoPrint can run on an old computer, an alternative single-board computer, or even an old android phone with (Octo4A), but a Raspberry Pi is often preferred due to its ease of installation when using OctoPi, and its small form factor. In addition, installing OctoPrint on non-Raspberry Pi devices is more sophisticated and can cause issues for some users.

To solve this problem for the OctoPrint community, the Obico team started this project aiming to develop a solution that allows for easy installation that is as similar as possible to the process of installing OctoPi on a Raspberry Pi.

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For the record, this post has my blessing, given the current struggle to get your hands on RPis.