Ambient temperature - ender 3 not starting

What is the problem?

My ender 3 is in a shed, and right now the ambient temperature is about 0 - 5 oC. I know that there's a thermal minimum for an ender - and octoprint won't connect and throws an error if the bed and nozzle are lower than 10 oC.

However, clicking prepare end or bed manually doesn't start them heating. Eventually it seems to get started, after a long time and I can't see a reason for it. Once printing, the temps are stable so it doesn't present as a solder connection issue. Is there something on the ender 3 that means it wont heat up at 0 - 10 degrees?

On the octoprint side, can I suppress the connection issue for very low temperatures and connect anyway, and monitor / change the temp remotely? It would save going the the freezing cold shed :slight_smile:

I think that's firmware related.
In Marlin for example is defined a HEATER_0_MINTEMP and a BED_MINTEMP - both set to 5 (degree). As stated in the firmware comments:

The minimal temperature defines the temperature below which the heater will not be enabled It is used
to check that the wiring to the thermistor is not broken.
Otherwise this would lead to the heater being powered on all the time.

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