Android devices crash my Octoprint


I installed Octoprint and have not connected it to the printer yet because after getting it all set up with the camera I can access and view from any desktop/laptop however when I connect with an Android tablet or Android phone through chrome or the app I purchased it will either crash the pi immediately or after a few minutes. I thought maybe it was the camera crashing it so I tried with only the pi and still crashes. The only way to get back online is to unplug power and plug back in. I install updates every time I am prompted in hopes of one of them fixing the issue but so far no luck. Is this a known issue or is there something I can do to fix it? I tried searching the forum but did not see anything similar. Thanks


watch the logs, either from your pi (connected to a screen) or from a computer that is ssh'ed in. If you use tail -f you can see what happens right before the pi crashes- if that's what is actually crashing.