Android Octo4A + Sidewinder X2... connect requires answering pop-up every time?

I just installed Octa4a an a Samsung A32 (OneUI 4.1)

Every OctoPrint (Android Octo4a) attempts to connect to my Sidewinder X2 there are 2 consecutive phone onscreen popups that say...

"Allow OctoPrint for Android to access ARTILLERY_RUBY CCD in FS Mode?"
... After I answer the popups it connects and works perfectly, no issues.

Anyone know how to stop the popups? I'm not seeing Octo4A in Android Settings -> Apps show under Permissions so I cant set any permissions it seems?

The goal is leave the phone / OctoPrint running, not mess with it each time I want to print.


No one has seen this? No developer has any idea what would cause this?

You may ask @Filip or go to his github:

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