Announcement too long for my notebook, can not be closed


What is the problem?
I can not close the announcement

What did you already try to solve it?
I tried everything to get to the bottom of the announcement, but it is not possible

I have a problem closing one of the announcements.

I have not used the printer for some weeks, so there are several update announcements, and the one you can see is getting too long so i can not use the button on the bottom of this announcement to close it.


Try opening the browser dev console (usually F12) and paste this $(".ui-pnotify-container").find("button").eq(1).click(); which (all going well) should "click" the 2nd button which is the button to "mark read".


Personally, I would either

  1. OSX: Cmd, -
  2. Windows: Ctl, -

...until everything gets small enough to click it.

And then, I'd probably add Themeify and adjust the default zoom size.


yeah, I've seen these too. @foosel how about a scroll bar or a way to dismiss it at the top?