Any recommended camera for use with OctoPi?


I have a new/existing (my first) OctoPi setup, using this ribbon-connected camera:

The ribbon cable is rather short. but worse the videos appear low-resolution and out of focus. Not as good as I would expect from the camera's description.

I have some older Logitech webcams (well-reviewed at the time) which connect via USB. (Probably not capable of HD video.) Could re-use the old webcams.

What have other folk found to work well? Any recommendations for an HD-video webcam?


You can get longer cables. You can focus it fairly easy. They are decent at 4000 pixels wide, but not SLR quality.

Anyhow, on the wiki is a list of webcams known to work.


Have you tried increasing the resolution in the config files?
The default is set at 640x480 and 10 fps I believe.

Personally I use this camera where it's possible to change the focus distance physically.


The short ribbon cable is inconvenient, it is why my Pi is bolted to the
inside back wall of the printer, so that the camera can get a good view of
the print.

Silly question, but is it possible that your image is degraded because you
didn't take the protective film off the lens? (you can see the tab in the
picture you posted)

Focus can be adjusted, There are even special (printable) spanners for the
job. (as an example, rather than a recommendation: )


BTW, did discover that the focus on the Pi camera was adjustable (awkward, and really not immediately obvious), and adjusted. Also removed the protective film. (Did miss that at first.) Still a bit fuzzy. Should print a new case with adjuster ring, someday.

I moved all the printer electronics to a common (pegboard) backplane, mounted on the back to the printer. Thus the need for a length of cable to the camera. (This for my first printer w/ OctoPi setup.)

My older known-good-quality webcams turned out to be 640x480. Right. Bought a basic model (Logitech C270) from a local big-box store. (For my second printer w/ OctoPi setup.) It has no external means of focus. Turns out, if I crack open the case, and scrape off a bit of glue, the C270 does have adjustable focus. (Slightly WTF.)

Both are working, but neither rate a stellar recommendation. :slight_smile: