Any way to enable Timelapse yet without starting a print

Just wondering if there was an easy way to start a Timelapse going through the UI without actually starting a print. I mostly use octopi to monitor prints with my pi camera and print from the SD card on the printer. I don't really trust the connectivity between the octopi and the printer enough yet to print from octopi. I know I can send prints to the SD card from octopi but still worry if the connectivity between the pi and the printer is lost during the print it may disrupt the print.

What do you think?

There is no way that I know of. Why are you worried about losing connection? I suppose it could happen, but I've not ever had that problem in the two + years I've been using OctoPrint. If you want to use Octoprint to start printing from SD, I would recommend that in a heartbeat since I can think of no downsides at all. I've not tried disconnecting OctoPrint during an SD print, but I suspect your printer would just keep on printing. I think that would be a good exercise to try, in fact. If it doesn't work the way I please let me know, ok?