Anybody have a profile for HE3D-K200?

I have a HE-3D K200 delta printer that I have been "adjusting" for a year(repitier based)

I've searched Forums,Emails,web searches, cussed out the vendor... still bad prints.

I bought a alfawise u20 and was printing 4 hours later. ( Their profile is partially proprietary.)
So has anybody hooked a HE-3D K200 to octopi?

So, to create a profile, you just punch in the data that is asked for.
(a name, an identifier, the diameter, height, etc)
It's quite easy. Is there a step you don't get further?

I would like to understand the physics behind variables like Vxy_jerk, Vtravel_min, and so forth. There are a number of variables I would like to know the history of so that I can design my own profiles as necessary. ( especially all of the Z-probe stuff)

So I assumed you are talking about a OctoPrint profile.
Obviously you are seeking a slicer profile.
It would be helpful to know what slicer you are using.

Cura for the alfawise u20
Repetier for the HE-3D K200

Already tried the ?
The users there should know how to optimize a profile

Yes. They weren't as HE-3D K200 specific as I needed. I obviously am tripping over something I need to understand better to move forward.

I see. For Repetier Host is not a slicer on it's own, it uses an external slicer to do that work.
What slicer do you use insider Repetier Host? You find it in the Slicer Manager.


It is the Cura engine.

Guess: try a different slicer. I get quite different printed object results depending upon the slicer I use, even when using nominally equivalent profiles.

I know nothing about the HE3D-K200 except that you say it is a delta printer. The OctoPrint printer profile just requires basic geometry and speeds (for manually moving the print head).

Profile(s) for slicing are going to be more complicated. If the manufacturer doesn't provide a slicer or slicer profiles for a recommended slicer, then I would first look for other delta printers that do provide a slicer or slicer profiles and use that slicer and those profiles as a starting point. Other delta printers may also have community forums that could provide some insight.

I googled "3d delta printer calibration" and got what look to be promising results.

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Wow! This is one of the nicest forums I've been on in 5 years. Many Thanks!

As they say, your mileage may vary... :laugh: