Anycubic 4Max Pro: Turning off the Light

Hi all, I wonder, if there is a way to turn of the light in the printing room of the printer. Or do I need to do it always via the user-panel at the printer? A button in octoprint will be great.

Try M355 in the terminal. (
If that works you can insert a button in the control panel with the Custom Control Editor or Editor Collection

M355 S0 or M355 S1 isn't working. :frowning:

Here's somebody's project where they've modded their i3Mega to do this.

Anycubic just replied, that the light cannot be turned off via gcode. :frowning:

So... add an inline relay...?

As I am using a home automation, I wonder, if it is possible, to place a button in Octoprint and if I push this button, a dedicated url will be requested (triggering some actions.
Is there a way to add Url requests which will be triggered automatically if an event occurs (like print jibe done)?

Search the forum here for Gcode System Commands. A command like OCTO901 might correspond to turning something ON and OCTO900 would be the one for turning it OFF again. You'd then add a custom Control button on the Control tab to run one of those.

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