Anyone familiar with Octoprint on Synology NAS

What is the problem?

Do not get USB ports in OCTOPRINT. Only standard serial ports /dev/ttys0

What did you already try to solve it?

Tried download different drivers

are you trying to run it in a docker container or on DSM directly? gonna need much more detail to contribute anything useful here.

Octoprint definitely supports enumerating USB ports.

I thought with DSM7 Synology locked down the USB ports to no longer support non-storage type devices. Prior to 7 I used a WAP in AP bound to a VM for some "testing" work. I'm pretty sure that went away in DSM 7... also shows long its been since I've fired up that VM.

I a bit new to this but let me try to explain. I'm using Synology DS1813+ DSM 7.0 and latest version. Connecting the Ender 3 v2 to one of the four USB connectors on the back side of Synology. I guess that's the easiest part.
Octoprint is running in Docker container on my Synology NAS. Right.![Container_Docker|690x136, 50%]

Then I go to octoprint url. trying to connect the printer to Octoprint but does see the USB port!

I have a Synology NAS also, but I'm curious...Why would you want to run your printer, etc through the NAS ?

Officially USB device support has been dropped in DSM 7... but you gotta love Google...

Hello, I just stumbled across this forum entry. I have the same problem as the creator and have already tried the tricks of Marius. Unfortunately, so far without measurable success. Has anyone got it running so far ?

don't upgrade to DSM7? That's the best I got.

hahaha ... too late :wink: Unfortunately, the upgrade has already taken place. Therefore I would be glad about any further hint

If we weren't in the midst of the biggest supply chain shortage I've ever seen, I'd recommend you buy a Raspberry Pi 4 or zero 2w.... but yeah, that's not all that easy right now either.

The Raspi is one thing but the smarter approach would be the Docker. I reached out as well to Synology if there is a way to make it but it seems not. Their reasons are for sure understandable but itโ€™s also a burden for the user โ€ฆ as it could be so easy :-9

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