Anyone working on a version of octoprint for a laser

anyone working on a version of octoprint for a Laser.
I have a 3d printer that i enjoy very much recently acquired a gantry Laser would like a version of octoprint for the Laser "octolaser" lol

Hallo @mpcwizzard !

On Lazer I found this:

Or do you mean laser?

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yes's that is correct

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You can get plugins that make OctoPrint interface with laser cutters. For example,

The whole idea of gcode & firmware for 3D printers is quite similar to laser/CNC control. GRBL is a firmware variant that the plugin above is made for.

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thanks ill try it

not sure if that plugin will help you as it's specific to grbl firmware and I'll assume that a 3d printer acting as a laser will still be running Marlin most likely.

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