Anyway to recover my password


I keep going in circles – and getting nowhere – I need a little guidance! I lost the stored login password to Octoprint on my laptop (thinking it was saved – it wasn’t). My phone and tablet remember the PW and log in without any problem, but, I download and run all my prints from my laptop as there was not room for the SD card reader option. I was hoping to just find a way to recover it without starting from zero.

I searched the topic and tried to follow the instructions, but;

When I open “putty” with the IP for the pi it opens with LOGIN so I can’t try any of the fixes I’ve seen. I took the SD card out of the pi and the files mentioned were not found. Clearly I've missed something.

Do I need to start all over and format and reinstall Optoprint to recover from my memory lapse?

If it’s not obvious, I know about as much about linux as my dog knows calculus and every tutorial seems to start expecting it to be a second language – which it’s not. So confusion and ignorance are running neck & neck and I need to print “stuff”. Any thoughts on how I should proceed will be gratefully excepted. Thanks, Jeff


You may try this help...
You may also get the password from the phone/tablet.