API Log(?) to see if and when a client is connecting to OctoPrint?

What is the problem?
I am wanting to see if a client (an ESP32) is connecting to the Octoprint API. There is an intermittent connection from the device to the server which connects every 10 seconds to check (for now, for testing) the API and server version numbers - endpoint url "GET /api/version". Other clients and devices work, so I just want to see if Octoprint is actually receiving the GET request, but I can't track down what log file if any will advise of connection attempts.

What did you already try to solve it?
Have looked in log files in "/var/log/" and also "/home/pi/.octoprint/logs", but can't see anything about connection attempts, API calls, etc?

Any help or advise would be much appreciated as to where to look, and if the API logs anything at all?



Set the tornado.access log level to INFO. You can do that via Settings > Logging. Any requests on the API will then be logged to octoprint.log.

Ahhh... was working my way through the logs and wondered what Tornado would be used for. Will try that. Thanks @foosel Gina! Keep up the good work!


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Just the ticket - was able to spot the device connecting and asking for the correct endpoint. Thanks again!