API registered key deleted

What is the problem?
Accidentally deleted API key from the Application Key setting

What did you already try to solve it?


I apologize in advance, my knowledge of Linux is non existent.
I managed to install Octoprint to get it to work with Windows 10, but while fiddling around with the API keys, I deleted the key in the Application Setting section. I cannot find the how to add the deleted key.
Also, the API keys in Access Control is different than the one under User Settings"
Is this correct?

I thank everyone in advance for the patience and help!


If there is no API key shown, you can create a new API key with the "refresh" icon button to the right of the API key field.

One is a "global" key, the other is a key tied to the user. Each user can have their own key. The benefit of using the user key is that you can revoke access by a user without affecting the other users of the octoprint instance.

Thank you! That Takes care of it!

Gustavo Tuntisi