Apt-Get Upgrade starts but then crashes the whole system when attempting any operation in Octoprint settings

What is the problem?

Apt-get upgrade causes issues. First sign is hyperpixel 4 screen to stop working. System starts and Octoprint loads however the system crashes if any operation is attempted in settings. (Including downloading logs). Resource monitor does not show CPU temp anymore and CPU speed is shown locked at 1000MHz.

What did you already try to solve it?

Make new image is the only way I know. This would be the second time I made the mistake of using apt-get upgrade. Second time was following an otherwise successful guide to change the Pi camera V2.1 settings to 1080p. Which works until it crashes. Probably the guide would work if I omit the apt-get upgrade step.

Complete Logs

octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab *

System crashes when I try to download the log. The Rpi 4B light turns red when I do any operation in the settings of Octoprint including downloading logs. No ability to SSH into it.

Edit: Can SSH into it for a short while upon restart but will crash before I can download any logs.

Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ... as much data as possible

Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB, Octoprint 14.2, Ender 3 V2 firmware for BLtouch from Smith 3D. Installed from Octopi 17. Hyperpixel 4 screen. Pi camera V2.1. BLtouch 3.1 genuine.

you probably have a corrupt sd card. I am running a 4G and 8G Pi4B with octoprint and haven't had any issues with updates. I weekly run: sudo systemctl octoprint stop && sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y to update everything then reboot.

I’ll take that as a possibility and I’ll try a new card.

I’m trying the version 18 beta 64 bit now and it seems to work pretty well but some symptoms are alike. For example the Soc temp doesn’t work after apt-get upgrade and the screen doesn’t either.

While otherwise working, the 64 bit Octopi image, also cannot support the hyperpixel screen and the Soc temp is not available.

I’m testing this version now and really think it feel faster. I’ll still try version 17 on the new card and compare though.

Also I just remembered this happened on 2 different cards with apt-get upgrade.

Have you tried a different power supply? apt is pretty error-resilient normally, but if the RPI is not getting enough power I could see how it could corrupt your filesystem.

So the PSU is a Canakit 3.5A unit. For what it’s worth on Octopi 18 beta I can Sudo apt-get upgrade all I want.

I suspect that it is the Hyperpixel driver that has issues with the command it is the only unique thing to my install over most other installs.

Certainly trying to install it on ARM64 returns a “hardware not supported”.

Anyway i’m done with that screen and will just go mini HDMI or official 7” pi screen. The hyperpixel is nice for a compact build but that had heat issues with a compact case anyway.

I bet if I install Octopi 17 and don’t install the hyperpixel driver it would work however i’m so enamored with Octopi 18 I don’t want to go back. It feels so fast and responsive I’ll work with it.

Just as a heads up, someone on discord was saying the latest RPi kernel driver or something broke the hyperpixel, and they were working to get it fixed. Let me see if I can find the post for you

Edit: here from @TxBillbr has the note about 5.x drivers breaking.

Wow thank you! Mystery solved! Also good to know Pimoroni support their products. Might not switch after all.

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Glad that you found that useful. I have been impressed with the hyperpixel guys. They are working hard to get their drivers upstreamed so that it "just works".

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They have made great strides. However last time I checked landscape mode is not working. Both Octoscreen and Octodash need landscape to function. Let's hope that happens soon.