Are timestamps in the terminal output possible?

Subject says it all.
I was using Repetier-Host-Mac
It shows timestamps in its terminal log

BTW, I am loving OctoPrint. I am glad I made a donation

serial.log shows the timestamps, but it's not recommended to have that enabled in production (only if you have issues) due to the performance of constantly writing to the log file. There is no timestamp in the web UI gcode. I am wondering why you would want timestamps, though, especially when there are loads of commands coming through.

Thanks for the info.

I used to have a delay command at the end to let the fan run, then shut it off.
By seeing the timecode, I would know when I could start another print.

I removed it.
Thinking back, I am not sure why I added ir in the first place.

Depending on your firmware you may be able to specify a wait command with x seconds in it.
Marlin uses
Klipper uses G4 P<# of ms> only
I'm not sure about Duet.
Or, if you want to wait for a low temp, you can also set your safe temp wait with M109 for hotend temp, and M190 for bed temp.