Asus tinker board s and octoprint?


What is the problem?
Installing octoprint on linaro
What did you already try to solve it?
Read some other post about this and think it should be added in the how to section.
Additional information about your setup
Fresh install in the board memory.


When you create a new post in this forum area, there's a rather large template which asks you for information... which you mostly didn't provide.

You wrote as the problem: "installing octoprint on linaro". That's not a problem. It's more of a statement. Try to communicate what the problem is. Did you receive an error message? Does OctoPrint fail to load? Did your house burn down? You must have noticed something which you could relate to us.

It is to be noted that you can't install OctoPrint on an Arduino board that's being used for your printer. I have to assume here that you're attempting to install OctoPrint on a second computer of some kind which is running Linaro. But you really haven't provided much to go on.

The documentation on the download page suggests that the installation on Linux is much the same as on Raspbian. I think I would admit, though, that Raspbian starts off with a pi user and Linux does not. In theory, you would need to add this user. The page's suggestion takes you to this guide.

Likewise, the default hostname for a Linux box wouldn't be raspberrypi so some adjustments would need to be made when following the guide.