AutoLogin Plugin does not save settings after restart

Hello everybody,
Hi to Gina :slight_smile:

I newly installed the AutoLogin Plugin and it seems to me I can't save the settings I make. They seem to be saved when I re-enter the settings in the web frontend UI but after restart the settings are all lost. On by you'll find the SystemInfo.

As always - help ist very appreciated!

Kay (64.0 KB)

Have you enabled cookies and disabled NoScript for the OctoPrint web GUI?

Hi Ewald!

How do I find out if I did? I can't find a setting anywhere - sorry...

I forgot to tell: these settings are in the Browser

Okay, I am not sure how a machines browser settings can affect octoprints settings displayed on ANOTHER browser or even computer, as they remain displayed unchanged there too?

they have to be enabled on each browser you use. the settings are saved as cookies to the browser. if you go to another PC, none of the settings will be saved until you set them. its how web pages work

I knew this, but I thought the plug-in activates auto-login from the set up ip-address range within the plug-in / octoprints config files.

So the cookies are additional to that?

Just to get this clear: as mentioned above and in the topics title I am talking about octoprints „Auto-Login-PLUGIN“ not about saving credentials in a browser.

So I am not sure if we were talking about the same thing: so using the octoprint plug-in does involve also saving cookies?


Dear Gina,

Sorry for disturbing you here, but I would be very happy if you could just throw an eye on this topic if you don’t mind. Because I think this is maybe a misunderstanding? Maybe it’s me too that didn’t catch the spot?

Thank you very much!


What I can tell you is that settings saving should work regardless of cookies and whatnot, since those go to the backend. Check if settings save in general, if not one of your third party plugins is breaking something.

In general though, please understand that pinging me doesn't scale. Imagine what would happen if everyone who happens to run into an issue with OctoPrint, and doesn't get an immediate solution from the community, decided to ping me. I'm currently looking at my little LED display that shows me almost 150000 instances that have decided to opt into the anonymous tracking. And that's maybe 10% of the user base. A minimum of 150000 people potentially pinging me vs - just me. You hopefully see why that doesn't scale at all and would render the forums, Discord, all other places I'm online in completely unusable for me.