Can not Save Time Lapse Config

Hello everybody!

As from V 1.9.0 I cannot save any settings made in the time lapse config. They persist closing the browser and emptying cache but are erased after server reboot. This is similar to the settings of a plugin I can not save, too.

I am not sure where to search for the reason of not saving settings as this happens to system inherent settings (like time lapse) and plugins (like the mentioned auto-login-plugin) but - on the other hand side - other system- and plugin-settings stay saved (i.ex. Octoprints System Appearance, PrettyGCODEViewer, AutoStart, and many more) .

Thank you all for your time and help!

Kay (56.7 KB)

Does the same happen in safe mode?

Oh oooooh! :pleading_face:

After stealing time from you before, I'm doing it again - but this time it's really embarrassing.

I'm honestly sorry,

I seem to have only ever clicked "Save setting" and never marked "Set settings as default".


If we ever meet, I owe you (at least) a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers or a beer... or I just turn the whole thing into a donation as a teeny-tiny return favor....

For the (auto-login) plugin settings I'll contact the developer directly via GitHub now

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