Autologin to TouchUI: Installation possible retrospectively?


everything is working for me now as it should. Thanks for the help here from the forum!
However, I still have a problem: Can I also set up the autologin to TouchUI retrospectively? The users who operate the printer should be able to do this via the touchscreen. The touch screen is set up and running great, TouchUI also runs, but I have to connect a keyboard every time to enter user and password ...

I have already searched the forum for "autologin", but either I miss something or I have not found it.

Thanks for your help in advance and a happy new year!

Here is OctoPrint Version 1.3.10 running, all Plugins and RaspberryPi Files are actual.



You might want to review the OctoPrint repository's issue to see if someone's already made a feature request so that TouchUI + enabled User Access works as expected. If not, you should consider submitting one.


I think what @RdB is trying to accomplish is automatically logging in the Pi to the desktop and opening a browser showing the TouchUI interface.

You can enable automatic login to the desktop using the raspi-config tool:


Oh... my bad. Yep, yep... what FOV said plus...

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