Automated Print Bed Clearing Using GPIO

I need your help! Looking to use GPIO to automatically clear print bed and automatically start next print.

I do not currently see any plugins that cater to all of these needs. I need to use a GPIO pin as an output to trigger an print bed clearing mechanism, then once the print bed clearing mechanism is completed, I need to us another GPIO pin as an input to start the next print. It would also be great to have an additional output pin available for a print fault indicator.

Using Raspberry Pi 4 with general purpose relay IO module.

Using with the following printers:
Prusa I3 MK3S+
Markforged Mark2
Markforged X7
Markforged ONYX1

If this solution does not exist, I will reward someone who can help create a solution.

This is a new project, and other than the printers, I can use whatever hardware necessary to complete this job.


continuous print plugin with system commands to manage the GPIO might work.


Hello @ci_logan !

Have you checked the capabilities of

Looks like a good option for me to try out. how can I implement the system commands to control GPIO? I am learning, all help and info is appreciated.

I will certainly give this a try. Not seeing where I can start the next print with GPIO. Maybe use this in conjunction with continuous print? Is that possible? Thank you, all help is appreciated.