Automatic Documentation Creation

Hi everyone! I'm doing some experimental printing for which I modified a Creality printer to enable it to print with pastes, that are pushed out of a syringe. The idea is to develop a material recipe that is very suitable for 3D printing, but is less detrimental to the environment than the commonly used plastics. One of the main advantages of the paste is that it is supposed to be printable at room temperature so nothing has to be heated up which saves a lot of energy. As it's really important to have good documentation of the process I would like to have a document for each print that contains the Cura settings and material sample number. I was wondering if there is a way to set up OctoPrint in a way where the Cura settings are automatically written down and I get a pop-up in which I have to fill in some details, such as the material sample (and perhaps the recipe). Is there any way to do this?

Print Job History might help you:

You may also be able to use something like spool manager or filament manager plugins and just set up your recipes as different "spools".

In Cura, the extension Custom Printjob Naming allows to build the filename of a GCODE file from patterns which you can use to document some of the settings.

{printer_name}, {printer_name_full}, {printer_type}, {printer_type_full}, {layer_height}, {machine_nozzle_size}, {infill_sparse_density}, {speed_print}, {material_flow}, {profile_name}, {profile_name_full}, {material_name}, {material_name_full}, {material_type}, {material_type_full}, {material_weight}, {print_time_hours}, {print_time_minutes}, {date_iso}, {date_year}, {date_month}, {date_day}, {time_iso}, {time_hour}, {time_minutes}

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