Automatic Uploads of Timelaps to Network Drive?

I have 3 instances of Octopi running on one Pi3. I use 3 cameras, one for each printer to monitor ant timelaps some of my prints. Right now i am using a 32GB SD Card to capture all of my file info and my timelaps files. I was wondering if there was a way to either stream the timelaps video file to network storage on my server? If not can i setup a script to run automatically every night to offload all of that information automatically to keep my SD card free of extra info. Also being on this topic, Is there a way to Backup the SD Card Nightly with something like rsync on a script in the background?

Try to remember that the OctoPi image is just OctoPrint as loaded on Raspbian. And Raspbian is basically Debian... which is Linux.

If you can imagine a crontab-scheduled script which can do things for you, make it.