Automating Sending Print Operations to Octopi

I am looking to send prints from my computer to octopi automatically. Right now the process of going into five different ocoprint instances and manually selecting prints is very tedious. I plan to create an autohotkey script where I can select which printers I would like and what prints I would like to send to them. The files will already be uploaded to the printers so it is just a matter of telling the printer which files to print. I know how to do everything I theoretically need to in autohotkey but sending commands to the ocopi via ssh is new to me.

I'm not sure where to start on this. I've read that i need to issue start and file commands to do this. So far my plan would be to use putty to ssh into the specific octopi I selected then issue some kind of command inside it to select the correct file and print it. This would involve a lot of automated string entries which isn't ideal so if there's some kind of way to activate some kind of script that automatically does all this that would be ideal

I'm very out of my element with coding here so any help (and extra details) are appreciated

Probably the easiest approach would be to use the REST API. You can probably search this forum for REST examples.

Alternatively you might also want to take a look at OctoFarm, see also this thread:

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I use the Octoprint plugin in Cura that sends it to OctoPi automatically, and I can tell if I want to print directly or just send.

I do this with prusa slicer. It works well but it doesn't send to multiple printers. I ended up using octofarm to get it to do what I wanted.

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Thanks. I ended up installing Octofarm. I think it will fill all my needs. I haven't learned the ins and outs of using it yet but it seems like it'll save a lot of effort

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