Backpowering issues: Solved reliably and simply

As many have noted, they have the backpower issue and there were several suggestions to use tape or other methods. I wanted to post this under the FAQ but wasn't able to so I hope here is ok.

Search for "Portapow Power USB Blocker" on amazon, not to be confused with the data blocking ones for personal safety. They have a circuit board end on one side and usb on the other and do just what the name implies... block the power lines in a USB cable. They are under $7 USD and work flawlessly to eliminate all backpower issues if you use PSU Control plugin with octopi/octoprint.

I highly recommend them since it has solved my issue with Octopi/PSU Control and the Creality Ender 3 v2 but should work with any system with back power issues.

Hopefully this helps others out there with similar situations. I had no idea these things existed but I am sure glad they do.


I bought one of these and it works great.