Backup gcode files from sd

I tried this morning to get into my octoprint and it suddenly was not working at all, it didn't connect to the Wi-Fi and the camera that connected to my Raspberry didn't have power at all.
I tried to install the Octoprint on another SD card and inserted it into my Raspberry. Everything began to work but unfortunately, all my Gcode files have gone and left on the old sd. There is any way to back up them and transfer them to my new Octopi?
The server on the old card doesn't work at all, all I can do is connect it directly to my PC.

Thanks for help

I have had success in the past by using win32 disk imager to create an img of the whole sd card, then using 7-zip you can open the img, and inside that is another ext disk that is browsable by 7-zip but not windows. You can then extract the gcode files from that at the path /home/pi/.octoprint/uploads.

This does not apply if you are using Windows to try and read the SD card, as it cannot access the partition on the card where the gcode files are stored. You could do this if it was MacOS or Linux.

I'll try that

It's work, thank you so much for your help!

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That's why I said you have to use 7-zip. It can read ext partitions unlike windows (even on windows) but you can only extract stuff out of it, not add stuff to it.

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@Tamir_Rosenberg now install the backup scheduler plugin and one of the cloud based backup plugins to automate backups of your system and upload them to somewhere. GoogleDrive BackUp, OneDrive Backup, Dropbox-Timelapse (works with backups too), or WebDAV Backup are the ones I know of.

I will do that. Thanks for help!