Backup OctoPrint config then reinstall

My OctoPrint(OctoPi) installation is acting very odd after an accidental power pull and is inaccessible via HTTP even though the service is running fine and I even see the Python process running fine, and even running in safe mode doesn't help. So I'm going to reflash/reinstall OctoPi. However, I do have cli access so I'd like to backup plugins and settings if possible, to make reinstallation easier and faster rather than reinstalling all plugins and customizing all settings to how I had them. Is that possible? Which directories/files should I grab off the RPi before reinstalling?


If you have remote shell access you might try this.

That does look very helpful for my situation, thanks I'll look into that further. However it looks like it only backs up config data, meaning I'll need to reinstall plugins likely:

Given that the ~/.octoprint/config.yaml is backed up, any settings you have made in your plugins will be preserved; you'll just need to re-install them however

That brings me to another point/question; I have plenty of plugins installed, yet I don't see any in ~/.octoprint/plugins/ is that normal? I'm guessing the plugins are installed/identified via pip somehow maybe? (I have nearly zero experience with pip)

Nonetheless, if I can confirm config data will be backed up for new install, that should save me some time. Thanks again.

Unsure if this is exactly what I'm looking for but marking this as best answer as I have yet to find any other potential solution.

When you run the backup script it actually makes a list of third-party plugins you did have in place. And it gives you the commands necessary to restore later. Pay attention to any command written in bold to the console. You might even need to write them down or take a photo with your phone perhaps.

The plugins probably live under some obscure place like...