Basic logic based on printer output?

Is there any current way (short of writing a new plugin) to have a routine take different actions based on printer responses?


  • Probe this point, if it's not within certain bounds then run gcode to level bed.
  • While all endstops (M119) are off, lower 0.1mm (e.g. if your printer is set to home from a probe but you still have a z-stop connected, you can use this to auto-calibrate the probe)

There must be loads of other examples where you want to run a bit of GCODE and then react to the printer's response.

I've been through scripts, snippets and action commands. The closest I can find is the terminal response plugin but that doesn't have any provision for sequencing.

I appreciate that GCODE doesn't natively support this so it would be Octoprint that's looking at the responses from the printer.

Yeah that's definitely possible with a plugin.

But I'm not aware of any plugin that would do what you want.

If you want to write your own plugin you could peek into the source of this one - it might help you getting started

Thanks for your reply. This is what I suspected, I'm a bit surprised really that no-one has built a plugin to do this as it seems to me that it would be pretty useful.

Thanks for the link, unfortunately it's beyond my skills to even understand it. I am currently experimenting with the API and node-red - it's possible to see everything in the terminal through the websocket so it might be possible that way.