Bed level before each print


I now have auto bed leveling set up on my A8. I understand, I need to put a G29 command into Cura to level before print. Would it be better or possible todo this inside octoprint instead ?

I think what i need is for octoprint to preheat then auto level then print, but I'm a total noob.

What's the best way to automate the bed leveling before printing??? Thx!


Do you have start gcode configured currently within OctoPrint? If not it will be easier to add it to your slicer. Typically you want to put it right after g28 (home), but I'm not 100% sure with your printer.


As of now, I have nothing configured, just wonder the best way to go about doing it...


The two ways are equivalent for the average case. If you have no specific reason for moving the start/end gcode to Octoprint, that is. If you use many slicers and one printer it may be simpler for you to move all of your start/end gcode to octoprint. If you are using multiple printers on a single instance of OctoPrint it might be better to keep the start gcode within the slicer (or at least most of it). I'm sure there are dozens of other scenarios that may favor one method over the other.

I think if you experiment a bit, you'll find that one of the two methods works better for you. From a technical perspective the end results will be the same. I hope that helps.


If I decide to put the G29 in Octoprint, would I place it under "GCODE Scripts >> Before print job starts". Would that issue the G29 AFTER the bed and hot end heat up?

I use Windows and Ubuntu PCs and only have one printer. It might be easier to just have Octoprint issue the G29. Either way I guess its not a big deal. thx