Bed Level Visualizer

Ahh ok perfect. Thanks for the information. I misunderstood I assumed it fed the data to marlin to make minor adjustments. I was actually using it for manual leveling so I was doing it correct haha. Cheers that was very great info

Sorry for the stupid noob question I correct in assuming the low point (purple) in this image is the front left corner?

Hello @psiess!

This can't be said 100% for sure.
If you assume it is, just level up that corner a bit and run the Bed Level Visualizer again.
If it is, the value on that corner will be different, else another corner value will be higher.

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@Ewald_Ikemann is correct. The reason for all the flip and rotation options within the plugin's settings is to account for all different possible bed layouts and orientations, so you kind of have to figure it out. For the most part, if you are using a fairly new version of Marlin on your printer your assumption is correct, that purple point is X = 0, Y = 0, which generally is the front left corner of the bed when you are looking at it from the front. But again, that is a generalization.


Thanks @Ewald_Ikemann and @jneilliii. That was helpful. After a lot of fiddling I've now got the bed the closest to level as it has ever been. I still want to get closer but I need to add a washer to the front left corner knob to give me more adjustment room.


How is the Adjustment angle meant to be used? i have tried making the adjustments it recommends, but afterwards the angle is the same if not worse, i notice when you click on a tile it changes the value of the tile you click to 0 but making the adjustments suggested it just seems to make the level worse, perhaps I understand this all wrong.

For reference, im using a ender 3 pro with a BLtouch, and adjusted the screw size to M4.

TLDR: Would it be possible to get a clarification on how the Adjustment Angle tool is intended to be used to make adjustments?

Edit, I had reverse adjustment direction on the whole time, everything fine its just user error :slight_smile:

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Glad you got it figured out. I unfortunately did not code that part of the plugin and don't personally use it for doing adjustments.

So I had a question about logging the bed data for each print. What I would like to do is store date/time and the data into a text file.

I am seeing some wild swings in my bed level print to print and I would like to log what its doing. See if I can nail down whats going on.

As an example here are 2 bed meshes a few days apart 2 prints.



So the closest thing that I have for this is the saving local snapshots when you run the leveling process. It was introduced in the last version release for this feature request here but there was discussion of logging that mesh data itself. Feel free to fill out a feature request to get that on the very long list of stuff to fix/implement, which only occurs in my spare time outside of work hours here.

I have a suggestion, Is it possible to write a g-code script that would run a bed level before each print and pause the print if the variance is above a predetermined level? I’ve had a few where a piece of plastic ended up under my bed sheet and ruined a large print.

And I have a second question, for prusa users, should we not always run a panda probe calibration prior to each leveller run? Is it possible to add this?

What I mean is shouldn’t we make sure the pinda probe is at its working temperature every time we check the bed leveller? Not just the hot end and bed upto working temp.