Bed leveling in octoprint slicer



I have searched the forum but i couldn't find anything conclusive.
I added a autoleveling sensor so my printer and configured Merling.
So now i need to add a G29 after bed heating and axis homming.
Were do i have to configure so that, when i slice, the g29 is add at the starting gcode?
Thanks in advance


What slicer are you using. In Cura you can modify the startup gcode at Preferences -> Configure Cura -> Printers -> Machine Settings



Hi Norman and thanks for your reply,

I was refering to the octoprint slicer, meaning the one thats its used when you upload a .stl file and press slice in octoprint.

Thanks in advance


Ah! OK, I never slice in OctoPrint, I feel that process is a bit slow in that environment. I slice in Cura and have the OctoPrint plugin so that I can send it to OctoPrint from the Cura interface.


If you look in settings under GCode scripts you'll find the place to put any code you want at various points in the process, including before prints start


I tryed the "before print" but that way it would make the levelling before the heating and would do the homing all over again.
I was looking for the place were i could add the code as i would in cura.


I would advice against that and instead fix the start code in the slicing profile.

For that though you'll need to load it back into Cura 15.04 since there's no editor built into OctoPrint's Cura plugin. In general you also probably only ever want to use that slicer when you have dialed in everything fairly well and know that your STLs are already oriented perfectly.

I really need to unbundle that stuff again, it was a mistake to include it out of the box...