Bed not heating

Bed not heating using Octoprint

Have printed direct from card, which is working fine, so it's not a hardware issue.

State: Offline (Error: Heating failed, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed - Printer halted. kill() called!)

Printer - Ender 3 Pro, Raspberry Pi 4, octorint 1.3.12

Any ideas appreciated.

Logs, please.

Just logged in to get logs, and kicked off another print fora clean log.seems to be working perfectly now, bed at temp, extruder heating!

This is an error reported by your firmware that indicates that something is wrong with your bed heater. Can be as simple as forgetting to actually power the printer up, can be something more dangerous like a failing thermistor or semi broken power connector. You really should investigate and figure out what exactly caused this, for your own safety.

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Thank you - it’s definitely not the bed, maybe the printer power? The octoprint turned the screen on, but not the bed?

Been testing today, working brilliantly. Appreciate your support - stoopid noob error.

Powering your printer only through the USB connection from your Pi or whatever you are running OctoPrint on definitely will not work, you need to also plug it in and power it on through its own power supply.

i'm having the same issue running an ender 5 plus i can warm everything up from the touch screen on the printer but i can't warm anything up in octoprint.

update... found a few posts and one specifically on reddit saying to use electrical tape to block off the 5v signal from the pi to the ender after doing that it worked fine.