Bed very slanted

What is the problem?

I created a mesh with the Bed Level Visualizer and I'm not sure how to make the Bed straight. My printer is a CR10 Smart. I am still relatively new to the subject and do not know exactly how to solve this

What did you already try to solve it?

Adjust z offset and auto leveling

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You don't need a perfect flat bed, seem you know this but for what I am going to suggest, its not going to make it perfect. YMWV.

You could place a thin sheet of Aluminum foil, paper or a strip of packing tape under your bed top to cause it to lift a little on the one side. Maybe a 2-3" wide strip the length of the bed on the right side where it is really low. Clear packing tape is a good option since it is quite thin and is adhesive on one side(Seems to be pretty good in the heat as well).

I am sure someone will say there are all kinds of thermal reasons to not do this but it is a simple quick solution that could get you up and running quickly. It will work best with a bed top that is a little fixable like the spring steal PEI beds. But I think it will work with whatever you are using since clearly it is following the curve of the true heat bed surface.

I have done this on a KP3 where I had a serious warp in the center (placed a circular sticker) and its has worked very well to solve the issue.

This might also be helpful.

Good luck.

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Thank you for the quick reply.
I had already found the video, but I'm a little ambivalent about drilling and the cork. I'll try it with tape or something similar.

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