Bed visualizer issue

Hello I'm having issues with bed visualizer on a creality cr10s machine, when I update it goes through the bed leveling then finished, but the widget throws a timeout error and no matter how high I set the timeout it still doesn't go through the process, if I do the bed leveling on the controller, it will then use that updated mesh to display the bed in the bed visualizer widget.

Hello @Jare!

Have you tried G29 from the terminal? What results do you get?
You may also check if there is the correct command in the Bed Visualizer parameters

Some commas and periods in your sentences would also make this way easier to follow...

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I will give that try

In the plugin's settings change your G29 command to a G29 T command instead just to display the mesh data instead of running an entire leveling process.

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ok will give that a shot when i get home

ok that worked thanks for your input