Been getting "Failed devide" error when using Etcher

What is the problem?

Not sure if this is a problem but the last few times I used etcher to flash OctoPi to an SD card it's been finishing but giving an error saying "1 Failed Device" with some other info about checsums not matching. This is with multiple SD cards.

I'm still able to configure Octoprint on the RasPi and use it just fine. Just wanted to bring this to your attention.

I do not get this error with Rufus!

Did you open the zip or the iso with etcher?

Extracted iso

Try the zip :wink:

today i tried the zip file and got the same "1 Failed Device" warning. Thanks.

I'd ask in

Perhaps try Win32DiskImager?

If this is on a laptop, make sure that it's plugged into its charger.

It's on a desktop. But just reminding you all I used Rufus without an issue. So I'm all good.


but glad it's working now :slight_smile: