(best accuracy) but pointless precision

The Print Time left value improves in accuracy but is pointless in precision.

Approx. Total Print Time: 3 hours
Print Time: 02:08:51
Print Time Left: 1 hour

It's said "1 hour" for half hour and based on the precision of the output that's about mathematically correct.

Can it not be more precise like saying, "1:12 remaining" or "0:47 remaining"?

You might try one of the plugins which offer more accuracy on the print time guesstimate.

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Precision increases the closer it gets to the finish line. Why the artificial fuzzyness? Because a lot of people don't understand that an estimate is an estimate and tried to nail me down on minute differences. You can disable the fuzzyness however, just uncheck this:

I will note that after you've printed the file once, the accuracy for the next time is pretty good.