Best compatible HD webcam



I am new here and I want to record beautiful timelapse
So what is best compatible HD webcam that will provide best results to my timelapse

Thank and I am sorry if I am in an incorrect place


I can vouch for the Raspberry Pi NoIR v2 camera.

Otherwise, here is a list of webcams in the documentation.


Yes but I need expert opinion for the web cam that will provide me with best quality webcam for my time laps


Then you may take a (semi-)professional photo camera that is controlled by Octolapse (@FormerLurker may has to include an output signal to the GPIO to initiate the shot).
Then you can use common video editing software to create your lapse video.


See the compatible list, then google / youtube search for reviews on them. Personally I think most web cams have too narrow an FOV, and also stay away from ones that have fancy features like auto focus as mjpeg streamer isn't nearly as advanced as the software you'd install for windows to control things like auto exposure and autofocus.

I'm using a raspberry pi camera module v2 and wouldn't ever want to use anything else, it has a nice wide FOV, manual focus, and is specifically designed to work with a raspberry pi. The only down side is the ribbon cable is a bit less flexible than a usb cable, sure it bends but it only bends one way.


Can you provaid me with (semi-)professional photo camera name


There are lots on the market: Panasonic, Canon, Fuji, Sony and much more. It's more to invest but the quality is much better. Some users take a GoPro.

The only problem are: the camera needs a possibility to get an external impulse to make a shot and a OctoPrint plugin has to provide this impulse at a certain time during the print.