Best Raspbian browser for Octo?

Not really a "problem", just a couple of questions about improving user experience !

I've been using OctoPrint this way, for a while :

OctoPi + OctoPrint + X11 + Chromium running in kiosk mode. No desktop ! Works fine but a bit slow...

Currently experimenting with vanila Raspberry Pi OS, OctoPrint being insatlled using KLAUH, along with Klipper. No desktop !
Mainsail and Fluidd are barely usable on the Pi 3 B+. KlipperScreen is not an option : no configuration files editing.

Being used to OctoPrint, OctoKlipper looks like the best "GUI" for the printer, and is pretty fast (at least compared with the other interfaces).

But Chromium is a resource hog ! I had a look to other web browsers, but I'm not sure what is the best one : many are not maintained !

I also activated (raspi-config) GL and glamor, maxed up GPU memory to 256K, but not sure I got any improvment.

Also activated "WebGPU" that was disabled in chromium. Don't see a real difference...

So the questions are :

  • witch RasPi browser should I use ?
  • what optimizations - if any - could make sense ?

Purchasing a Pi4 is not an option. But I could buy something cheaper if is more powerfull than a Pi3 (say +50% to +100%)...
Replacing the Pi with a Tablet PC is not an option (two old Surface Pro handy, but no room, and need for the GPIO with direct access, not remote gpio)

You could try Midori Browser. It's supposedly really lightweight

Thanks for the suggestion !

Was having a look to it, following these links :

Will definitely test it.

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Midori has a smaller footprint, and OctoPrint is more reactive. But there's a problem : the way it handles wiping / scrolling in the text editor ; no real relation between the finger position, the caret position and the part of the file being currently displayed ; it's a total mess, the contents jumps all over the place. Tested with both Matchbox and Openbox as window managers.

But for Marlin + OctoPrint, with a Pi and a 7 inch display, Midori is probably the best combination. Wish I tested it when I was using Marlin !

BTW, I was unable to get the Matchbox virtual keyboard to work...

Conclusion : better use a phone when it comes to text files editing (when the desktop computer seats in an other room) .

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