Better cam asked


I am looking for a better cam that can be used on octo

Angebot: ELP Webcam 8MP,WebKamera HD 5-50mm Manuell Variable Fokus Objektiv,IMX179 Sensor USB Kamera PC Desktop/Laptop HD 2448P Zoom Kamera kompatibel mit Mac/Windows/Linux/Android USB8MP02G-SFV(5-50)

I'm not an expert on video streaming but... The listing seems to indicate that it is useable in Linux. The camera capabilities you see in OctoPrint(OP) are not really part of the Octoprint software beyond configuring access to a video stream through the OP interface. Any camera that can be streamed over http likely can be used in OctoPrint.

Thx, I am just looking for a cam, that can present a perfect view of the printed part.

So, are you running Mainsail or OctoPrint?

Octoprint is running my Ultimaker 2+

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