BigRep has hidden almost all settings, how to get them back?

Hi there,

I've been using OctoPrint for 7 years now with several Ultimaker 2+ and love it, but I hate what BigRep has done to it. Almost all settings are hidden and I can't even start a print or change the nozzle temperature via web interface.

The support of BigRep is useless as it seems this startup company is in real trouble, it takes ages to get a useless feedback.

Is there a way to get at least the following settings back?

  • Set temperature for both tools
  • Amend or create new temperature profiles for bed and tools
  • Start a print job

I can't even identify which version of OctoPrint is running on this printer. All I know is that the panel PC is a regular x86 PC with Linux installed and a custom GUI will auto run once the printer is turned on.

I can access the file system and edit the config files, but I don't know which one need to be adjusted.

it sounds like they may have hacked the UI up completely and the only way to get it back would be to fully reinstall OctoPrint from scratch. Without knowing what that other company has done though it's hard to say. Can you get to the config.yaml and logs folder in /home/<username>/.octoprint?

Based on what's on their GitHub it's a real old version of OctoPrint 1.3.0 maybe. GitHub - BigRep/OctoPrint: OctoPrint is the snappy web interface for your 3D printer!

I can access the config.yaml and the log files.

Also I updated the software of the printer to the current version, shouldn't be that old I guess.

I guess check to see if you can find the OctoPrint venv folder (in OctoPi it's /home/<username>/oprint, stop the service (sudo service octoprint stop), rename that folder and re-create a new one using the manual install steps for linux. Can't guarantee that wouldn't break something though since we really have no idea what this company may have done to the core OctoPrint code.

Well, this won't work as the GUI on the panel PC to control the printers functions will then be missing and the printer will become useless.

The local GUI on panel PC can stay as it is, but the web interface is complete garbage. Is there a way to only modify the web interface?

Since their GitHub also has a fork of TouchUI I wonder if they are using that for the local panel?

I guess yes, as this UI is completely different to what I know from OctoPrint and designed for the Panel PC with touch display.

Share a pic?

Nope, that's not TouchUI.

OK, but the user for the web interface and the user for this local touch GUI is the same.

Oh, so that's what the web interface looks like too when you connect from a browser? That just means they hacked the OctoPrint UI completely I think. You could utilize UI Customizer and enable its responsive mobile option to make the smaller screen more usable if that is the case. Still don't know if they did anything with the serial comm layer though in OctoPrint so it could still break. That would be printer firmware dependent.

The web interface is a completely different story. You can only manage users, set bed temperature and upload / delete jobs, that's it. Everything else is hidden.

This looks like a very highly modified and custom version of OctoPrint. The UI bares almost no resemblance with the exception of the terminal messages I would say.

I would suspect it will be next to impossible to just configure it to be like stock OctoPrint, they must have changed some code or at the very least run a UI plugin and more to make it look like it does in your pictures. I would guess that they have done something custom to make their printer work like this and without knowing what they have done (it should be noted that if they have forked and modified OctoPrint the source must be made available, and that repository found above is not it. If you ask them, they must provide source. If they made it in a plugin then they have no obligation).

Can you share any of the log files? I'm not setting expectations that we will gain any answers, it might just provide some clarification of what's going on.

Well noted, I will share the log files as soon as the current print job is done in about 3 days.

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