Blind accessibility, JSON API, etc

The San Francisco LightHouse has several Series 1 Pro printers (from Type A Machines). As I understand it, these use a version of Octoprint. A blind user (who is quite computer savvy) tells me that the current user interface is quite inaccessible. I'd like to resolve (or work around) the accessibility issues, so that blind users can operate the printers.

I'll start with some sample questions, but any helpful advice or clues would be welcome!

Q: Where can I get information on updating the Series 1 Pro printer to a later version of Octoprint?

Q: Does Octoprint have a computer-friendly (eg, JSON) API?

Q: Is there an easy way to run Octoprint without installing it on a 3D printer?

Q: Where should I direct accessibility issues in Octoprint?


Not sure about the first or last ones, but I can answer the second and third questions:

First of all, OctoPrint provides quite a robust and well-documented API, you can view the docs here.

OctoPrint doesn't usually run on 3D Printers; as such I would guess that the Series 1 contains some form of an embedded system that it runs on. For installing it on your computer though, you can find installation instructions here specific to your platform, and I believe there is a work-in-progress Docker image, IIRC. If you have a Raspberry Pi, there's OctoPi, an easy to install pre-built OctoPrint image for the Pi. OctoPrint also includes a virtual printer plugin you can use in your development.

Best of luck!