Bltouch not working when octopi is connected

when i connect the octopi to my ender 3 max the bltouch is not working anymore.

without octopi everything runs fine, the bltouch is initializing and i can do auto home and bed leveling without issues. as soon as i plug in the usb cable from the octopi into the ender (i just plug it in, without connecting trough the webinterface, autonnect is off), the bltouch stops working. that means it is not initializing when powered on and the auto homing is stopped when he tries to find the z-probe. if i unplug it again it works as usual.

i already taped off the 5V pin on the usb connector to prevent backpowering, but that was not the issue. i'm a bit clueless what is wrong here, did anyone had the same issue and can help me out?

ps: i'm using the official firmware " Ender-3 Max -BL-Touch V1.0.1.6", octopi has v 1.3.5

Try it again with an sd card inserted into your printer

Some creality boards got a weird sd card related bug

hey thx! this seems to solve the problem mostly, sometimes the sensor still fails to init but after another powercycle it mostly works. i can live with that.

Probably the only way to get it to work properly would be to roll and flash your own Marlin firmware, Creality's firmware is well known for a high number of issues and I guess this just adds to the list.

SD card bugs though, seriously should not happen like this, it is beyond me!