Boot message: Failed to start the OctoPi WebCam Daemon


I am complete newbie (not in 3D printing but in the raspberry and OctoPi topic) and have installed OctoPi on a Rasperry 4B with the Hyperpixel 4.0 Display today. And now I am running into a problem I can not classify. So sorry for the - maybe stupid and - simple question for pros.

Everything works fine, Screen is running fine and the touch is running fine in landscape mode. But unfortunately I get the error message at the boot screen "Failed to start the OctoPi WebCam Daemon".

If I enter the command the boot screen recommends, I get the following information:

(see next post, I can only add one picture per post)

This does not help me. :frowning: Is this a correct error message because I have not installed a camera yet? Or is something wrong? And if something is wrong, how to fix that issue? I will install everything correctly first beforedoing a camera upgrade. Step by step. :wink:

All is fresh installed, OctoPrint versions 1.4, 0.17.0

This is the second picture: