/boot/octopi.txt is empty

so im 100% a noob to Linux. but I was reading where I should edit that file, but when I get there it's empty.

"sudo nano /root/octopi.txt

I hope to have the "light bulb" over my head light up soon with the Linux stuff.

I also cant run isusb. I tried the update/install but that didn't help.

thanks, I just want to get a camera to work. it works with screenshots so I have to be close

Is that a typo in the forum post or did you actually use that line ? I would suggest try....

sudo nano /boot/octopi.txt

Jan P.

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well ill be damned.. root/ boot whatever. thanks..

so is it fixed? if so, please mark it as solved.

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I was trying to find the "solved"button

as you can see I didn't have one for the post that answered it...…..

Since you'd placed this in the General forum rather than Get Help, it didn't originally have that button as an option. I moved it and marked the solution for you.