/boot/octopi.txt not working


Why is it when i try /boot/octopi.txt it gives me this error?
pi@octopi:~ $ /boot/octopi.txt
/boot/octopi.txt: line 58: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"'
/boot/octopi.txt: line 59: syntax error: unexpected end of file

I am trying to adjust the FPS for the pi cam and i cant get into it. The camera is extremely slow and I know its not an internet issue, I normally get 80 mbps x 80 mbps right next to the pi.


When you type just '/boot/octopi.txt', Linux thinks you want to to run it as a program. What makes it worse is that it's executable, and causing this error. Try using 'sudo nano /boot/octopi.txt', without quotes. That should open a text editor for you. You can alternatively edit it with notepad++ in windows or similar if you move the SD card. Just do not format it if it prompts.