Booting Octoprint on RPi 4

I'm new to Raspberry Pi. I have installed the Octoprint image from the SD card and it's running fine. The SD card is still in the Pi. Must it remain there for Octoprint to boot? Is there no way to load Octoprint into the Pi so it need not load from the SD card every time?

The Pi's SD card is pretty much equivalent to a HDD or a SSD in a computer, there is no other storage on the Pi, so it really needs to stay inside the Pi.

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Thanks, now I know!

If you really want to boot from something other than the microSd you CAN boot RPi 4 from an external USB device. You COULD use a USB flash drive or an external USB enclosure.

just search the string "boot raspberry pi from usb without sd card".

That being said. The RPi4 may boot a bit faster but it won't effect Octoprint

I think BD42s question was whether or not the Pi has internal storage like an eMMC drive.