Booting Pi after installing on SD card

I'm not sure if install on SD card is working. I downloaded v 0.15.1, burned to SD card and made modifications to config files as instructed. Plugged into Pi ver 3B and powered up. Display on Pi indicates no source detected.
No WiFi client added to router list. Normal Pi software displays video and connects to WiFi fine from this board. Also repeated with Pi ver 3B+ with same outcome. Is this a problem with the octopi image on the SD card? I have erased the card several times and re-burned the image, no change.


what do you mean with "burned" the image to SD card ? Did you follow the instructions here ?

If you edit config files you have to make sure they are not edited with Windows on-board tools, the format would be screwed up. I think most people on Windows use Notepad++ as it maintains the correct format.

Jan P.

Thanks for input. I think I have solved the problems I had. Turns out I had two countries selected in my wifi setup. Also switched to Pi version 3B+ and that solved the problem. Now connected.

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