Break after 512 Byt sendig,

Starting a Printjob, after the first 512 KB pausing automaticaly, quit with "Play" next segments ar sending, Break -> quit with " Play".... next... break...Quit...
The printer works direktly with Cura via USB.

idont know what i can do

octoprint.log (221.4 KB)

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version latest Update, OctoPi version, Marlin also tested, browser, operating system Chrome, ... as much data as possible)

Did you try reading your log? It's got all kinds of interesting things in it. Search for CRC and/or kill.

If it were me, I would drop the baudrate manually down to 115200 and check my serial cable (internal metallic shielding or a ferrite core) and check my Pi's 5V @ 2.5A power adapter (not a charger).

thank you for helping
i have 5V 3 A powersuply for the RPI
the system run s at several weeks, i do some Updates for Marlin at the last one i had this problem. so i try a new SD card, i will see what happens

Provide a link for this model. If it's for a Raspberry Pi 4B then that's about right. But if it's for something earlier then it's sounds like it might actually be a charger rather than an adapter.

IT is a Step Down Power Supply, the same one works 3 years in my first Printer with RPI 3. In my new CoreXY also run a RPI3. I have replace the SD Card with new Octopi, IT works. NO stops.

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